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Some students have considered tutoring a negative – Reserved for those students failing classes and who had no other option to help them pass class. Thankfully that stigma is mostly gone. If your teenager is completing school, particularly in a such a competitive and busy area like Newcastle, looking for high school tutors in the area can help your teenager get the best out of their schooling. Tutors do not have to be just for those who are struggling with their grades, though the investment in a tutor is ideal for that situation, and many students are looking to get a leg up in their grades and hiring a tutor can be that vital step. Student To Student aims to bridge the gap between students who have low academic performance and students who wish to drive their performance further. Schools, especially in Newcastle, can be quite large so the one on one attention in classes can be lacking. Hiring a tutor ensures that your teenager can receive that one on one attention that they may be missing in class, to help them get a better understanding of the subjects they are studying in school. It can help them turn those C’s into B’s, B’s into A’s, ease anxiety, better prepare them for examinations, and give them that little bit of extra help with assignments. Tutoring also allows a student to learn at their pace, in their own way, which can help boost the confidence of any student. If your high school student is looking for that little bit of extra help, look for high school tutors in Newcastle to get that little bit extra for your student; look for Student To Student.

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Qualified High School Tutors in Newcastle

While it can be tempting to hire that tutor you saw an ad for on Gumtree, there is no assurance that the tutor you are hiring is the right person for the job. By using a tutoring service that only hires qualified people and puts them through a thorough screening process, you can be assured that the high school tutors in Sydney that you are looking at hiring come with a great range of skills that will be a good fit for your high school student. Not only this, our tutoring service ensures that your tutor get paid correctly and that you are getting what you pay for. With a company such as Student to Student, rather than just hiring somebody from an ad, you are also assured that they come with the right training, knowledge and resources to help prepare your child for HSC. Some tutors, while very knowledgeable in the subject they are tutoring, may not have a specific understanding of what the HSC entails. Tutoring services that specialise specifically with providing tutors for students in NSW schools are able to help you screen for the tutor that has the correct focus in mind when they are working with your child ,which saves you time and your child stress from hiring somebody who is not ideal for the job.

The Importance of Literacy and Numeracy Skills for the Future

We have all heard it all before, with people complaining how they “never use” the things that they learnt in school. When it comes to literacy and numeracy skills, however, these are skills that people will use every day in their life. Higher levels of these skills better prepare somebody for navigating a supermarket, participating in the workforce, and give them edge when going into tertiary education. Some students may struggle with one, the other, or both, so looking at high school tutors in Newcastle to help your child with literacy and/or numeracy is an important investment into their future. By improving these skills, you not only make their post-schooling easier, but also their life right now. English and maths are subjects that are compulsory till quite late in students’ schooling, and they are both skills that are used in all other subjects. Writing essays and assignments, using formulas and even in artistic/creative subjects, having solid literacy and numeracy skills can help a student in other subjects like music, art, science and psychology. It is quite common too for somebody excel in one and lack in another, so you may only need to search for high school tutors in Sydney that specialise in either literacy or numeracy. Student to Student specialise in these subjects and more and can help your child achieve their optimum potential Either way, a tutor is a great investment to help not only your student get great grades but it can help boost their confidence so they can take on the subjects they might have struggled with in the past.