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Science Tutors Newcastle

Exceptional Chemistry, Physics and Senior Science Tutors in Newcastle

The world around us is a wondrous place. Filled with life and mystery, scholars have spent centuries explaining how our environment works in cohesion to create our realities and support our existence.

With so many details, theories, and disciplines of study, science can be a difficult subject to grasp. If you know a child that is struggling to connect the dots that make our natural world, get them the support they need with tested, reliable, fully-vetted, science tutors available in Newcastle.

Student to Student Tutoring connects struggling students with charismatic, qualified, and passionate past and present university student-tutors. Our network of quality-tested and safety-assured tutors work with your child one-on-one to optimise academic performance and practical learning. We offer tutoring services in a wide range of subjects including Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English, and History.

Targeted Support from Physics Tutor in Newcastle

Once you’re matched with a physics tutor in Newcastle, your tutor will contact you to set up a mutually-convenient time for your first session. During the initial meeting, your tutor will present their Student to Student qualifications and picture identification. All tutors have passed the Working with Children Check and have agreed to our Child Protection policy.

In the first sessions, your tutor will get to know your child, assessing their strengths and weaknesses while taking note of preferred topics that might make useful teaching tools. As sessions progress, they will assist your child in their assignments as well as introduce new tools to help solidify concepts. We don’t waste your time following an arbitrary science curriculum; our tutors work with you and the student to pinpoint and address specific needs in practical ways. This creates a personalised approach to your child’s learning that produces lasting results.

Typically, sessions are held weekly for an hour. We can arrange increases in frequency and duration can as needed. Less frequent sessions are not recommended as repetition and continuity are essential for internalising concepts. All sessions are conducted in a visible space under the supervision of an assigned carer over age 18. For convenience, most sessions are held in the home. Contact between tutor and student between sessions are minimal and carried out through the assigned carer’s phone or email. Students and tutors are not allowed to communicate via personal channels.

There may be times or circumstances where at-home tutoring sessions are not the best fit. Where an assigned carer cannot be secured, public tutoring sessions may be arranged in the open spaces of libraries, parks, and such. Sessions held in public still require the presence of an additional adult – in sight of the librarian, for example, will suffice. Upon conclusion, our science tutor and your student must be seen parting ways. Our strict Child Protection policy shields your child and our tutors from awkward situations.

Rekindle Your Child’s Interest in Chemistry with Science at Student to Student

Chemistry tutors are also available in Newcastle right now at affordable rates. There are no long-term commitments necessary nor are you required to purchase a package of sessions. Regular communication with your tutor on your child’s progress is strongly encouraged to guide the projection of lessons. Additionally, you’re sent the physics tutor’s official report on their student’s progress, attitudes, current goals, and plans for achievement. Contact our registrar with questions and for quick and easy enrollment. Get your child back on track discovering the world of wonder around them.