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English Tutors in Newcastle, NSW

Affordable Tuition Support from Private English Tutors in Newcastle NSW

While education is essential for everyone, not everyone is naturally gifted at academic learning. As schoolwork gets more difficult, struggling students are easily left behind to fall through the cracks. Student to Student is the leading multi-subject tutoring organisation in NSW. We pair you with safe, qualified, private English tutors in Newcastle who are passionate about helping your child succeed in their studies.

Quality, Protection, and Success from Student to Student Tutoring

Our English tutors in Newcastle are rigorously-vetted past and present university students that have passed the Working with Children Check and have agreed to our comprehensive Child Protection and Code of Conduct policies. Tutoring sessions are held one-on-one, typically at the child’s home. In addition to convenience, this keeps the entire session focused on your child’s specific needs. Sessions are held in visible locations in the house at a time where a person older than 18 and other than the tutor can be present.

When your English tutor comes to your Newcastle NSW home for the first time, they will present their Student to Student qualifications with a picture ID. During the initial sessions, they will assess your child’s subject-related strengths and weaknesses. Our tutoring program refrains from following a specific curriculum or goal-achievement timeline. Instead, we empower our tutors to create lessons (approved by you) that speak specifically to your child’s struggles in a way that connects with your student.

Of course, assigned school work is the priority. More than teaching the sequence of rules and manipulations to get through assignments, however, our tutors strive to explain context and meaning behind academic concepts. Studies show that when a student understands the “why” behind an academic manipulation, they are more likely to internalise the skill and apply it successfully to similar situations.

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We’re committed to your child’s safety. When tutoring is not preferred in the home setting, sessions can be held in a public place such as a library. Students younger than grade 7 are to be dropped off and picked up by a carer, and your tutor will wait for your arrival so proper transfer of responsibility can take place. Sessions held in public settings take place in populated, visible spaces, and student and tutor shall be seen parting ways upon the session’s conclusion (no walking off together). In the same vein, any contact aside from tutoring sessions shall be conducted through the carer’s phone.

Enrolment in our English tutoring program has no time commitment or pre-payment. Rates for English tuition in our Newcastle program are kept affordable to benefit the most students. Tutoring frequency is typically once weekly for an hour. However, increases in time and frequency can be arranged. In addition to English, be sure to talk to our registrars about the various subjects available for your child’s age and needs.