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Our Tutoring Sessions

You can organise the time and place of the a first session by calling one of our tutors. Our sessions are generally held in your home or online, but can also be held at a public location if this is more convenient for you. When your tutor arrives, you will be presented with a letter from us containing the tutor’s working with children check details, our Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct, and some general information about our business operations. Our Child Protection Policy is also available under the Child Safety tab and we would request you read through this before the first session with your tutor. 

During the first few sessions, your tutor will attempt to establish both the skills your child has where they could use improvement. From here, your tutor will give your student work of appropriate difficulty (or help with work that they already have) to enable your student to develop the skills they need to succeed in their studies. As well as teaching your child how to complete tasks, our tutoring aims to give your child a deeper understanding of the content (which is essential for long term learning) and also aim to teach appropriate work habits and techniques.

The length of each session depends on the age of your child and their ability to concentrate. We encourage at least one hour for a session where possible, but for older students 90 minutes or even 2 hour sessions can be beneficial.

Our Tutoring Sessions Newcastle

Our sessions are held weekly during school terms, though if you would like tutoring in the holidays, our tutors will do our best to accommodate. We typically don’t offer fortnightly or more irregular sessions as we have found these sessions to be too inconsistent for both our students and tutors.

All of our sessions are 1:1 so that our tutor is best able to assist your child.

There is no long-term commitment, lock in contract, or advanced payment required, and you can cancel your sessions provided you give your tutor at least 12 hours notice.

Our tutors will sometimes give you feedback after the sessions, however, you can also request from your tutor a report detailing your child’s improvements, attitude, and areas requiring further work.