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Updated Covid Policy (3rd February)


We are currently at Covid Alert


In these uncertain times, all actions involve costs and risks. STS has reviewed its previous Covid policy and has adopted a policy that seeks to best balance the costs and risks involved.

Covid-19 will still be a real threat for some time that calls on all of us to do our part in minimising the risk of spreading the virus. STS has determined that our actions should reflect the current risk of Covid in our community. As such, our Covid response shall be broken into three alert levels, Covid Normal, Covid Alert, and Covid Home. 

STS is monitoring the situation on an ongoing basis, so changes between these alert levels shall be determined by STS and will be dependent on the number of cases, variant, and likely risks in Newcastle and NSW. For example, a large number of cases in Newcastle or a larger number in Sydney may move us to Covid Alert, with further cases possibly us to Covid Home. 


Covid Normal


  • If the tutor or client, or a member of eithers’ household is sick with flu-like symptoms, tutoring should be online.
  • If either the tutor or the member of the clients household has been in contact with anyone who has a confirmed case of COVID in the last 14 days, tutoring should be online.
  • Face to face tutoring should only happen if all parties are comfortable with it.
    Tutors and clients should discuss any significant risk factors. Tutors and clients should also discuss whether they are vulnerable to the virus, or in close contact with anyone who is.
  • A 1.5m distance cannot be practically kept between a student and tutor without a significant impact upon tutoring, as such, this is not required between a student and tutor. There should not, however, be physical contact between the tutor and student and a 1.5m distance should be kept between the tutor and client.
  • Masks for the tutor and student are strongly recommended and are required if either tutor or client requests it.
  • Tutors and clients are to be mindful of the number of people at this house and the size and ventilation of a room used for tutoring. Where practical ventilation should be increased.
  • Chairs and tables should be cleaned before and after use by the client.
  • Contractors should have hand sanitiser available and hands should be washed for 20 seconds or sanitised before and after tutoring (if using sanitiser, an alcohol based sanitiser is best).
  • Everyone should avoid touching eyes and mouth during tutoring and follow basic hygiene.
  • Monthly invoicing rather than cash payment is recommended for this time.


Covid Alert


In addition to the requirements above:

  • Masks for tutors and clients are mandatory (unless there is a medical exemption, or an exemption provided by STS).
  • Clients and tutors are to be particularly mindful of risks and discuss these with each other.
  • Tutors and students should not share equipment – both the parent and the tutor will need to provide their own set of pens, paper, calculators, etc. (Smartphones have access to calculator apps).


Covid Home


  • All tutoring should be conducted online unless an exemption is granted.