In these uncertain times, all actions involve costs and risks. STS is looking to restart face to face tutoring on 1st June on the basis that the costs of not restarting currently outweigh the risks. Schools are fully open, and the number of cases in the Newcastle region remains low. If either of these facts change, this may again impact our arrangements. Covid-19 is still a real threat that calls on all of us to do our part in minimising the risk of spreading the virus – the main risk of spread is those we do not know have the virus, not those we do know have it. Online tutoring remains a good option for those who wish to continue this.

STS has conducted a risk assessment and has created the following plan to manage and minimise the risk to students, clients, and tutors. We understand that some measures may seem odd given the lack of a physical distancing requirement in schools, however, tutoring is a different context and we must all manage risk as best we can.

Covid Management Plan (Subject to Ongoing Review – Updated 26th May 2020)

  • Face to face tutoring should only happen if all parties are comfortable with it.
    The tutor and client should have a discussion about their contacts and in the last 14 days so both parties understand the risk involved. They should also discuss whether they are vulnerable to the virus, or in close contact with anyone who is, or have been in contact with anyone who has been sick with flu like symptoms.
  • A 1.5m distance cannot be practically be kept between the tutor and student. Both should try to keep as much distance as practical, however, and there is no need for physical contact. 1.5m distancing should be maintained between the tutor and client.
  • To ensure some distance between a tutor and student, either the tutor should sit opposite the student, or there should be an empty chair placed between the tutor and the student (including if sitting at a table corner). If tutoring is at a bench rather than individual chairs, the tutor should place two a4 sheets of paper on the bench between them.
  • As tutors and students will be within 1.5m of each other, they should wear a facemask while within the 1.5m radius.*
  • Tutors and students should not share equipment – both the parent and the tutor will need to provide their own set of pens, paper, calculators, etc. (Smartphones have access to calculator apps).
  • Chairs and tables will need to be cleaned before and after use. This will need to be the client’s responsibility.
  • If the tutor or client, or a member of eithers’ household is sick with flu-like symptoms, tutoring should be online.
  • If either the tutor or the member of the clients household has been in contact with anyone who has a confirmed case of COVID in the last 14 days, tutoring should be online.
  • Hands should be washed for 20 seconds or sanitised before and after tutoring (if using sanitiser, an alcohol based sanitiser is best).
  • Everyone should avoid touching eyes and mouth during tutoring and follow basic hygiene.
  • Monthly invoicing rather than cash payment is suggested for this time.

* Any facemask that covers the mouth and nose is acceptable – it does not need to be a surgical one. If both student and tutor are wearing one, it will provide some level of protection from each other.